More visibility for your adverts

Our services for private advertisers

High Visibility Pack

The 3 in 1 solution to sell or rent your apartment faster.

  • Make your advert stand out in yellow on the results page.

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  • “No commission” label on your advert.

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  • Make your advert escalate to the top positions for 24h.

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by 20 €

High visibility during 30 days.

Boost your advert (24h.)

Increase the visibility of your advert with just 1 TEXT MESSAGE.

  • Occupy the first positions during 24 hours.
  • Up to 80% more in visits and contacts.
  • Send as many text messages as you wish and climb positions.
  • We will need some time to prepare the launch of your advert. It will climb up to the first positions in less than one hour after you send the text message.

For 1 TEXT MESSAGE costing 1,45 €


Your advert in the main classified adverts pages at the click of a button.

  • Choose the destinations and forget about the hassle.
  • Save time and money.
  • Your adverts will appear on the websites in less than 24 hours.
  • Your advert shall be published for 30 days,

from 14 €

Highlight you advert

Give more visibility to your ad.

  • Your advert will stand out with a different colour on the results page for 30 days.

by 12 €

Label your advert

Multiply your selling or renting options.

  • Mark your advert with a “No Commission” labelfor 30 days.

by 9 €